You Found the Perfect Home, But How are the Schools?

You have spent weeks looking for the perfect home. After countless hours driving from home to home you finally find the one you have been looking for. But, as you are doing your due diligence you ask your real estate agent about the schools.

While you are expecting a simple answer like, “the schools are great!” or “the schools are terrible,” you get an unexpected response. Your agent asks you to contact the local school district. That seems pretty archaic in these technologically advanced times.

To be fair, your real estate agent is limited in how they can help in this regard. Fair housing laws that are designed to prevent discrimination dictate that they are not allowed to give their opinions on the quality of the schools in the area of the home you want to buy.

Fortunately for you, has no such restrictions. Enter the Cruvita School Finder.

Using the Cruvita School Finder is incredibly easy. First, on your computer or mobile device, go to Simply enter the address for the home you need information on, then click the Find My Schools button.

After that you can quickly see the schools that are associated with the address and their Cruvita School Grade. If you need additional information, the schools are hyperlinked so you can quickly get additional information on the school(s) in question.

Haven't Found Your Dream Home Yet? Even Better!

If you are in the market, but haven't settled on the home of your dreams, it might be a good thing, since you can first make sure it's located in an ideal school district.

There's good reason for you to want quick and easy access to school quality information. Being able to quickly educate yourself on the quality of the schools for a specific home could be the difference between making a timely offer that gets you to the closing table or making an offer just after someone else has a signed contract on your dream home.

What if you don't have kids? What if you don't even plan to have kids? School districts are still very much worth your consideration.

In fact, according to the 2014 National Association of Realtors' Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, 29 percent of home buyers considered school quality and 22 percent considered proximity to schools as deciding factors for their home buying decision. Let's be clear: they aren't saying just "a" factor, but a "deciding" factor. If you are in a great school district, not only does this make your property more likely to appreciate than homes in subpar school districts, you should be able to sell it quicker, since it will be in high demand.

If you are currently home shopping or soon will be, whether you have children or not, the Cruvita School Finder should be a tool that is bookmarked and ready to use.

Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!