Why Live in Fort Worth, Texas?

Today, in our continuing series on “Why Live In…,” we explore Fort Worth, Texas. Fort Worth is an independent city in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area and is surrounded by several major highways, has many public transportation options, and is the fifth largest city in Texas. Fort Worth is home to several famed museums and modern architecture, as well as many prominent universities, such as Texas A&M University and Texas Christian University. The top three employers in Fort Worth, Texas are American Airlines, Lockheed Martin and Fort Worth ISD.

"Fort Worth is home to some of the world’s best museums, restaurants, music, art, sports and more. The city offers a broad mix of dining options, ranging from original Texas BBQ and steak houses to world class seafood establishments. Home to the TCU Horned Frogs and historic stockyards, the real estate market in Fort Worth is very strong and provides a variety of housing options to meet the needs of all types of home buyers.” - Michael Reeder - Owner & Broker of Chisholm Realtors.

Here are a few quick highlights:

  • Estimated Population: 812,000
  • Estimated Median Household Income: $52,500
  • Estimated Home Value: $122,100
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.70%

There are several great schools and amazing homes in Fort Worth, Texas. Six of the schools in Fort Worth have received Cruvita Gold Medal of Excellence at the national level, which you can
see here, by clicking here or you can see their position on a map by clicking here .

Interested in the available homes in Fort Worth, Texas? You can click here to see homes for sale and for rent in the area. You can also contact Micheal Reeder at (817) 543-8999, or email him at michael@chisholmrealtors.com.

What do you think about Fort Worth, Texas? Would you buy a home and raise your family here?

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