Top 5 Schools for Homebuyers in Grady County, Oklahoma

Grady County, Oklahoma is located in the south central portion of Oklahoma. Part of the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area, Lincoln County is best-known for its county seat, Chickasha. Grady County, Oklahoma has an estimated population of 53,854 people and a median home value of $108,400. With 1,100 square land miles, Grady County is home to the Washita River and Red Bed Plains.

Listed below are the top 5 schools for homebuyers in Grady County, Oklahoma. Two of the schools below has received Cruvita Bronze Medals of Excellence at the national level, with the best school being Tuttle High School in Tuttle, Oklahoma.

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Best 5 Schools for Homebuyers in Grady County, OK:

  1. Tuttle High School - Tuttle, OK
  2. Minco High School - Minco, OK
  3. Senior High School - Ninnekah, OK
  4. Bridge Creek High School - Blanchard, OK
  5. Chickasha High School - Chickasha, OK

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