Top 20 Schools for Homebuyers in Durham County, North Carolina

Durham County, North Carolina, a growing area that is the core of the Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan area. The county’s proximity to major cities in North Carolina makes it an ideal location. Many major state and U.S. highways run through the county, allowing for easy travel.

Cruvita has listed the top 20 schools for homebuyers in Durham County, North Carolina. To learn more about the schools below, simply click on the school name and you will be redirected to the school page on Cruvita. From there, you can view listings of homes for sale or for rent in that school’s zone. You can also see home listings in Durham County here or start a new search from our home page.

Here is Cruvita’s list of the top 20 schools in Durham County, North Carolina. For a complete list of schools in the county, click here.

1. Pearsontown Elementary – Durham, NC
2. Easley Elementary – Durham, NC
3. Little River Elementary – Durham, NC
4. JD Clement Early College High School – Durham, NC
5. CE Jordan High – Durham, NC
6. Sandy Ridge Elementary – Durham, NC
7. Durham School of the Arts – Durham, NC
8. Rogers-Herr Middle – Durham, NC
9. Forest View Elementary – Durham, NC
10. Creekside Elementary – Durham, NC
11. Hillandale Elementary – Durham, NC
12. Morehead Motessori – Durham, NC
13. Riverside High – Durham, NC
14. George Watts Elementary – Durham, NC
15. Southern School of Engineering – Durham, NC
16. RN Harris Elementary – Durham, NC
17. New Technology High School at Hillside – Durham, NC
18. Northern High – Durham, NC
19. George L. Carrington Middle – Durham, NC
20. Hope Valley Elementary – Durham, NC

*Some schools on the list may require special applications for their programs, you can check the district website for updated information about schools and application information.

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To learn more about Durham County, North Carolina, you can visit the government website or the Wikipedia page.

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