Top 10 Elementary Schools in Arlington County, Virginia

Arlington County, Virginia, is situated along the Potomac River, right across from Washington, D.C., and is also bordered by Fairfax County, Virginia, and the City of Alexandria. The county’s close proximity to downtown Washington, D.C., and vast public transportation options make commuting downtown much easier and shorter than many of the county’s Metropolitan Area counterparts.

Forbes ranks Arlington County the top place in the nation to educate your child, and with many fantastic schools and easy access to national parks, museums, and memorials, it’s easy to see why more and more families are moving to Arlington County, Virginia. Listed below are’s top 10 elementary schools in Arlington County. Two of the schools, Arlington Traditional Elementary School and Arlington Science Focus Elementary School, are not neighborhood schools and require a separate application process for county residents who wish for their children to attend. These types of schools are often referred to as magnet schools.

Here are the top 10 elementary schools in Arlington County, Virginia:

1. Nottingham Elementary
2. Jamestown Elementary
3. Taylor Elementary
4.* Arlington Traditional Elementary
5. Tuckahoe Elementary
6. McKinley Elementary
7. * Arlington Science Focus Elementary
8. Ashlawn Elementary
9. Glebe Elementary
10. Long Branch Elementary

*Magnet schools will not have home listings associated with them

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