The Top 20 Elementary Schools for Homebuyers in King County Washington

King County is the largest county population wise in the state of Washington. Seattle might be the most well-known city in King County but it is not the only major city. Redmond, Renton and Bellevue are all major cities in the area and are home to major technology companies.

In a previous article we discussed the top schools in Seattle, but the county has great schools across the board. All of the top 20 elementary schools in the county are in the top 5% of the nation. Redmond and Sammamish each have 5 of the top 20 elementary schools. While Seattle and Redmond have 4 each.

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Here are the Top 20 Elementary Schools for Homebuyers in King County, Washington:

1. Samantha Smith Elementary School – Sammamish, WA
2. Rosa Parks Elementary School – Redmond, WA
3. Wedgewood Elementary School – Seattle, WA
4. Rachel Carson Elementary School – Sammamish, WA
5. Cascade Ridge Elementary School – Sammamish
6. Lakeridge Elementary School – Mercer Island, WA
7. Laura Ingalls Wilder Elementary School – Woodinville, WA
8. Elizabeth Blackwell Elementary School – Sammamish, WA
9. Louisa May Alcott Elementary School – Woodinville, WA
10. Loyal Heights Elementary School – Seattle, WA
11. Discovery Elementary School – Issaquah, WA
12. Cougar Ridge Elementary School – Bellevue, WA
13. East Ridge Elementary School – Woodinville, WA
14. View Ridge Elementary School – Seattle, WA
15. Christa McAuliffe Elementary School – Sammamish, WA
16. West Woodland Elementary School – Seattle, WA
17. Cherry Crest Elementary School – Bellevue, WA
18. Horrace Mann Elementary School – Redmond, WA
19. John J. Audobon Elementary School – Redmond, WA
20. Norman Rockwell Elementary School – Redmond, WA

For more information on King County, Washington you can review the county’s government page here, or read its wiki page here.

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