The 20 Best Elementary Schools for Homebuyers in Chesterfield County Virginia

Chesterfield County, Virginia is located in the state of Virginia and is part of the Greater Richmond Region. Chesterfield County, Virginia has an estimated population of 332,500 people and a median home value of $219,800. The county's seat is Chesterfield Court House. Chesterfield County is home to many American Civil war sites and two national protected areas, and is served by a number of major highways and public transportation options.

Listed below are the top 20 elementary schools for homebuyers in Chesterfield County, Virginia. Four of the schools below have received Cruvita Gold Medals of Excellence at the national level, the best being Bettie Weaver Elementary School in Midlothian, Virginia.

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Best 20 Elementary Schools for Homebuyers in Chesterfield County, VA:

  1. Bettie Weaver Elementary School - Midlothian, VA
  2. Robious Elementary School - Midlothian, VA
  3. Winterpark Elementary School - Chesterfield, VA
  4. Wooridge Elementary School - Midlothian, VA
  5. Grange Hall Elementary School - Moseley, VA
  6. W W Gordon Elementary School - Richmond, VA
  7. Spring Run Elementary School - Midlothian, VA
  8. Swift Creek Elementary School - Midlothian, VA
  9. O B Gates Elementary School - Chesterfield, VA
  10. J B Watkins Elementary School - Midlothian, VA
  11. Enon Elementary School - Chester, VA
  12. Evergreen Elementary School - Midlothian, VA
  13. Greenfield Elementary School - Richmond, VA
  14. Alberta Smith Elementary School - Midlothian, VA
  15. Jacobs Road Elementary School - Chesterfield, VA
  16. Clover Hill Elementary School - Midlothian, VA
  17. C E Curtis Elementary School - Chester, VA
  18. Elizabeth Scott Elementary School - Chseter, VA
  19. Bon Air Elementary School - Bon Air, VA
  20. C C Wells Elementary School - Chester, VA

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