Less Is More – When You Search For Homes with Cruvita

On Cruvita.com the lower the school scores the better! Currently there are over 50,000 schools ranked on Cruvita.com and more are being added daily. The best school has a ranking score of .02 which is the cream of the crop, while the worst school has a score of 17955688.778. If you want to look through our entire rankings please click here.

The distinct advantage with the Cruvita School Score is that you can compare different areas at an almost microscopic level. By removing an arbitrary 1-10 ranking scale and giving you a true numeric value, you can easily look at schools and see how they rank against each other. We have taken the effort to factor in the school performance and socioeconomic indicators to aid homebuyers in making educated decisions on the largest purchases in their life.

To get the Cruvita School Score, information has been collected and analyzed from multiple sources including: The United State Department of Education, The United States Census Bureau and current home sale trends. Specific data points have been pulled from these sources and inserted into an algorithm that is truly unique in the real estate market. No other real estate or education site, ranks schools the way we do. This allows the homebuyer to learn about the homes listed while gaining an understanding of the schools and the quality of their investment.

To further aid visitors color association and a ranking system have been applied to each school. The colors range from green to deep red. Green means the school is very good. The farther away from green you go, the higher the school’s score is. Remember, the lower the score, the better the school.

The Cruvita Medal of Excellence was developed to help users easily identify the best schools in a geographic region. Each school is ranked in its city/county, state and in the nation. When reviewing schools on Cruvita you will see one of the medals. In the below image you see schools that have achieved medal status in all three categories. When you mouse over the school rank you can see how many schools are in that geographic area, and it adds an additional icon on the map where the school is actually located.

So try using Cruvita.com to search for a home. Tell us what you think about the school scoring system and how it can help you find your next home.