Top 20 Junior High or Middle Schools for Homebuyers in Jefferson County, Colorado

Previously we have released the best elementary schools for homebuyers in Jefferson County and the best high schools for homebuyers. Now here are the top 20 junior high or middle schools for homebuyers in Jefferson County, Colorado. Three of the schools received the Cruvita Gold Medal of Excellence in the nation with the best one being Bradford Intermediate School in Littleton, Colorado.

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The Top 20 Middle Schools or Junior High Schools for Homebuyers in Jefferson County, Colorado:

  1. Bradford Intermediate School - Littleton, CO
  2. Manning Options Schools - Lakewood, CO
  3. Evergreen Middle School - Evergreen, CO
  4. West Jefferson Middle School - Conifer, CO
  5. Deer Creek Middle School - Littleton, CO
  6. Summit Ridge Middle School - Littleton, CO
  7. Falcon Bluffs Middle School - Littleton, CO
  8. Oberon Junior High School - Arvada, CO
  9. Jefferson Charter Academy Junior High School - Broomfield, CO
  10. Drake Junior High School - Arvada, CO
  11. Ken Caryl Middle School - Littleton, CO
  12. Dunston Middle School - Lakewood, CO
  13. Wayne Carle Middle School - Westminster, CO
  14. Bell Middle School - Golden, CO
  15. Mandaley Middle School - Westminster, CO
  16. Moore Middle School - Arvada, CO
  17. Carmody Middle School - Lakewood, CO
  18. North Arvada Middle School - Arvada, CO
  19. Creighton Middle School - Lakewood, CO
  20. Everitt Middle School - Wheat Ridge, CO

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