Fort Worth's 10 Best High Schools for Homebuyers

Previously we have released the best elementary schools for homebuyers in Fort Worth, TX and the best junior high or middle schools for homebuyers. Now here are the top 10 high schools for homebuyers in Fort Worth, TX with the best one being Timber Creek High School, which received a Cruvita Bronze Medal of Excellence for the nation.

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The Top 10 High Schools for Homebuyers in Fort Worth, TX:

Rank School City Click to View Available Homes
1 Timber Creek High Fort Worth
2 Boswell High Fort Worth
3 Arlington Heights High Fort Worth
4 Paschal High Fort Worth
5 Brewer High Fort Worth
6 Trimble Technical High Fort Worth
7 James M. Steele Accelerated High Fort Worth
8 Western Hills High Fort Worth
9 Southwest High Fort Worth
10 North Crowley High Fort Worth

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