9 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Bought My House

After dealing with finding a house, the closing process, and then moving, you are finally in your perfect home. The walls are perfectly painted, blinds are set and the candles are lit. Everything is perfect… until the unforeseen happens.

You have no recourse. All you can do is grin and bear it.

If you are already dealing with any unforeseen problems, you can’t go back in time and get another home. All you can do is sell your house, if that's a realistic option, or just deal with it.

However, if you haven't bought the home of your dreams yet, it's not too late! Here are the top 9 things people wish they knew before they bought their new home:


If you are reading this, you know just how intertwined the Internet is in our daily lives. What would happen if you moved where the Internet service providers (ISPs) weren’t that good? Would you live off your 4g hotspot? Not exactly cost effective.

While there is no way to guarantee quality Internet service in your future home, a little leg work goes a long a way.

Do a quick Internet search for ISPs in the area you are thinking about moving to. Look for a minimum of two service providers for that area. We have found that areas with competition tend to have better overall service for their subscribers. If you're lucky, a provider such as Verizon or Google is bringing fiber into your area.

2. No Cell Phone Coverage

Is having your cell phone constantly drop calls your worst nightmare? This can happen due to a lack of coverage in the area you are home shopping.

The best way to avoid cell phone reception problems is, when you are looking at homes, check your cell phone. Make sure you have ample coverage. Also, check at various places in the house (the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc.). While it might not be a deal breaker for you, some homes are so well built that the cell signal can’t penetrate through every room.

3. Too Much Noise Caused by Planes or Trains

This is a tough one. Your best bet is to make sure you are working with a good Realtor who knows the area you are looking at. Be sure to ask what airports and railroad tracks are nearby. Are you in the flight pattern? Is it a commuter or freight rail line?

Some people can sleep through anything, but a plane flying overhead can shake a house. Just imagine what a freight train sounds like at four in the morning! Do your due diligence and ask questions.

4. The Neighbors are a Nightmare

This could very well be every homebuyer’s worst fear: bad neighbors. They could have a messy yard, have loud parties all the time, block your driveway, or simply be nasty people.

One of the only ways you can avoid this is to meet them before you purchase a home. We know people who before making an offer went and knocked on doors to meet their potential neighbors.

At the very least, do a drive-by at different parts of the day. Get an idea not only about your direct neighbors, but people down the street. Don’t be afraid to ask people about the neighborhood if you see them walking. Their reaction could be a good indication as to what you can expect if you purchase the home.

5. The Smell!

Unforeseen smells may only be second to bad neighbors. When looking at a home, be sure to ask about nearby garbage or recycling areas. Also, ask about wetlands. If you are near a creek bed or marshlands the smell of sulfur could very easily make its way to you perfect home if the winds shift.

6. No Nearby Entertainment

You move into a new area and there is nothing to do without taking a long drive. Think about the activities you want to be within close proximity of your home. For instance, find out where the closest movie theaters are, nice restaurants, or any other recreational activities that are important to you. http://blog.cruvita.com/ghost/

7. Poor Access to Job Centers
Imagine finding your perfect home, then realizing you have to leave it earlier than expected because your commute is way too long. We recommend driving the route to work during rush hour to get a good grasp of your commute, or ask your realtor if they have experience with the traffic.

8. Lack of Public Transportation
Some people either don’t like to drive, or simply don’t drive at all, and depend on public transportation. If you need it, make sure it's offered in the area before you move.

9. The Schools are Bad!

Thankfully you have us to help you with that. You can find the right school, then buy your next home using Cruvita.com!