5 Reasons Agents Should Use ‘Value Added’ Real Estate Syndication Sites

Value added real estate syndication websites are more than just a source for home listings. They can focus on a niche in the marketplace. Some focus on neighborhoods, high end listings, or in Cruvita’s case, education. If properly utilized, they can help agents in many ways.

Here are five positive ways sites like Cruvita.com can help agents and brokers:

An Educational Resource for Your Client Some of the toughest questions realtors are asked include, “What neighborhood is the best?” or our favorite, “Which school is the best?” The problem is, real estate agents can't steer a client to a particular neighborhood or school. They can, however, direct their clients to a site that has independently ranked schools in the nation.

Another benefit of using a site like Cruvita is that the work has been done for you. Your clients can easily search in their desired school district for homes. Simply email them to yourself so you can verify they are still available and set up showings. It’s a win-win for all.

Better Reach for Real Estate Listings Some agents or brokers feel that sending their listings to syndication sites is diluting their site or devaluing the MLS in general. But that is not the case. If you think back to 15+ years ago, agents would pay to have their listings in local newspapers and magazines to get additional exposure. Even today this is commonplace.

Having your listings syndicated increases your reach exponentially. The overlap between real estate sites is not that great. Once a user finds what they like, they stick with it. With niche sites becoming more the norm, sites like Cruvita allow your listings to reach a very specific audience that, in turn, becomes your client!

Additional Exposure for You

As mentioned above, niche site reach unique audiences that might otherwise never see you. The obvious benefit is when a potential client contacts you directly. But branding is another benefit that should not be ignored. Having potential customers see your name, picture or company has a value that cannot be defined, but overtime could be the little nudge that causes a person to contact you over other Realtors.

Be an Expert on a Specific Location

Being an expert for a particular location, or in Cruvita’s case a school, allows you to break away from the pack of agents, and really present your value proposition to potential clients.


Whether it's phone calls, emails or clicks to your website, any lead is a good lead!

The bottom line is don't be afraid to use a value added niche site like Cruvita.com for any combination of the above reasons. If you have questions about this article, or Cruvita, feel free to email us or visit us at Cruvita.com.